Geek Fuel June 2016: Pokémon, Mario And More!

Posted on by HB Duran

Geek Fuel has outdone itself with the June box, and I got more than a little excited to see what was inside! June sold out very quickly, especially since Geek Fuel was a huge presence at Denver Comic Con this year. July is still available for now, and we know there will be exclusive items for Ghostbusters and Alien! PRO TIP: Use our link when you subscribe to receive a BONUS ITEM worth $10!

pika shirt

In case you haven’t heard, Geek Fuel is a monthly, mystery box full of collectible items at a great price. Subscriptions start at just $13.90/mo (plus shipping) for a yearly plan. With a guaranteed value of $50 or more in every box, a tee shirt and a Steam download, getting that red box delivered each month is worth “geeking out” over! Watch previous unboxing videos HERE.

The June Geek Fuel box included:

  • Super Mario Ink Stamp (1 of 4) – $3 estimated value
  • Super 1-Up Planting Pot: (exclusive) $15-25 estimated value
  • Sherlock Manga, “A Study In Pink” #1 issue comic book (exclusive) – $6 estimated value (More if you received the Variant cover)
  • Pokémon Temporary Tattoo (1 of 3) – (exclusive) $1 estimated value
  • “Big League Pikachew” exclusive tee shirt – $25 value
  • Bit Evolution Downloadable Steam Game – $10 value
  • Turtle Trainer Stress Ball (exclusive) – $15 estimated value


What was your favorite item in this month’s Geek Fuel unboxing? If you’re a subscriber, don’t forget to share links to your unboxings so we can share, as well. Thanks for watching!

HB Duran

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