POWERS Season 2: Episode 6 Review

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Secrets are revealed and death is around the corner in the latest episode of POWERS!

*Disclaimer: as of this posting, I have not read the graphic novel or comics for which POWERS is based upon. Therefore, my observations and opinions do not include how the show compares to its source material, but as a stand-alone TV program. If you have read the comics and have insight to share, feel free to comment!


Harley Heavy

POWERS Season 2, Episode 6: “Requiem”


  • Some big answers are revealed, but this story isn’t over yet
  • Zora and Sergeant Martinez essentially become Mr. and Mrs. Batman
  • DAMMIT I liked that character!
  • Calista sees the truth, but how much of it?

Suspended from Powers Division, Walker and Pilgrim pick up some new toys, thanks to Harley aka Triphammer. Walker notices a box/invitation to Colossal Fun’s annual Coming Out ball and comments, “Is it that time of year again?” We learned in episode three that he and Angela attended the gala before he lost his powers. We learn in this episode that Harley isn’t too fond of Conrad Moody III. As Walker and Pilgrim leave, they notice a car, presumably belonging to the FBI and note that “they aren’t even trying.” With a smirk and a wave, the two head off to find Heavy. Unfortunately for Triphammer, Heavy is right under their nose. After revealing that Triphammer was always his favorite as a kid, Heavy proceeds to crush the hero from within.

From here, it’s an avalanche of realizations, from Kutter’s secret tryst with Pilgrim to the particular shade of red plastic that Retro Girl was clutching when she died. Unfortunately for me, I realized what happened as soon as Walker saw the Colossal Fun box. All the clues aligned in my mind, and I just had to wait and see if I was right. I was.

Craig, when confronted by Walker and Pilgrim, takes his own life. Dr. Death’s wife was off having a baby, apparently, so another coroner helps Walker and Pilgrim as a favor to Kutter. They find trace evidence of blood in the PAR conference room and the glass table has been trimmed. When Walker realizes that the color of Janice’s mysterious, plastic rock was the same as her signature uniform, he goes to the Colossal Fun gala to confront Moody. The FBI is there, and Lang seems genuinely concerned for Walker’s safety. He decides to take “the fight elsewhere,” realizing that Heavy will be after him and they want to avoid collateral damage.

Powers- Season 2- Episode 206

Calista makes a stirring speech about what it means to be a Power, which will come in handy later. At the Powers station, Heavy takes the bait and nearly kills Walker and Pilgrim before Lang’s team shows up with the Drainer. They take Heavy into custody but won’t tell Walker any more.

Sgt. Martinez and Zora mourn the loss of their friend, Triphammer and find comfort in one another. Their kiss is interrupted by a pre-recorded message from him, stating that he has left the house and money to them. Triphammer leaves the legacy of Powers in their young hands with a heartfelt goodbye.

Walker, knowing the truth, pays Moody a visit using Retro Girl’s old key fob to the building. Conrad was behind her murder, inspired by the rising profit of Olympus figures. One by one, he knew that with each death of the Unity team, he would become richer. On Retro Girl’s D-Day, she went to PAR to quit. There, she met with Craig, who showed her a commemorative statue. There, Heavy ambushed her with the Drainer and slit her throat. As she fell, Retro Girl slashed her leg on the glass conference room table and crushed the figure in her hand before she died (presumably after the Drainer was shut off). That’s why Craig was so upset by her passing; he witnessed the whole thing and played his part.

Conrad watches a hologram of the murder in his apartment with a sick, remorseless fascination. Walker tackles him and they both tumble out the window, but Calista carries Walker to safety. In the end, she joins Sgt. Martinez and Zora at Triphammer’s house to become a part of their super team. This time, Zora welcomes her with kindness.


I was a little disappointed that Conrad was behind the murder, because it seemed too obvious. However, we still don’t know why Conrad hired Heavy in particular. What is the FBI hiding, and what do they have on Lang that she is so afraid to betray them? When Senator Brown was killed, a man’s hand entered the frame and took an envelope. Max Fowler is still in the credit sequence, is he still alive? Did Marigold help him fake his own death? Speaking of death, did Calista let Conrad become a stain on the pavement, or did she swoop in and save him for another confrontation?

As I said, this episode has a lot of obvious answers, but many details have yet to be revealed. Overall, I enjoyed the show and look forward to a new one on Tuesday!

POWERS is available now on the PlayStation Network in the US and Canada. All episodes are free for PS Plus Members.

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