Sonic Celebrates 25 Years With Twitter Take-Over

Posted on by HB Duran

Sega is going all out for the 25th anniversary of everyone’s favorite blue speed demon, Sonic the Hedgehog. With their fifth TV show, an upcoming movie and a big announcement coming July 22nd at San Diego Comic Con, the Sega social media team is having a lot of fun.


25th anniversary

On Friday, Sonic and Eggman took over the official Twitter feed, answering fan questions and poking fun at other game franchises, as well. Using the hashtag #AskSonic, fans scrambled for a response from voice actors, Roger Craig Smith (Sonic) and Mike Pollock (Doctor Eggman).

Being the voice of so many characters comes in handy—when Ubisoft wished their hero, Ezio a happy birthday, Roger Craig Smith (who also voices Ezio) pretended to be kidnapped by Doctor Eggman. Ubisoft quickly paid the ransom of kitten pictures, as did many fans!

The Sega team even had some fun at their own expense, making fun of Sonic ’06, which had notoriously long loading times.

“We’re having a lot of fun,” Ivo Gerscovich, Sega’s chief brand officer for Sonic & SVP told [a]listdaily during E3. “If we, as employees of Sega and people overseeing the brand aren’t having fun, how can we expect the consumers to have fun? We’re really trying to have fun with the brand and do things that make us feel good and things that excite us.”

Sonic Boom: Fire and Ice is coming November 27 for Nintendo 3DS, the Sonic Boom TV series is airing every Saturday and the film is scheduled to launch in 2018. If you’ll be in San Diego on July 22, tickets are available now for the 25th Anniversary party.
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