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When E3 came and went without mention of Rockstar’s anticipated sequel to Red Dead Redemption, fans of the game were discouraged. According to a few different sources, the reveal of Red Dead Redemption 2 (RDR 2) was scrapped from Rockstar’s plans because of the Orlando shooting, presumably because it seemed inappropriate to demo a game that involves gun violence. That’s certainly an understandable reason for Rockstar to have omitted RDR 2 from its E3 agenda, but it also leaves us all somewhat in the dark about the status of this sequel. So what do we know?

Red Dead Redemption 2

In a very broad sense, we know that Red Dead Redemption 2, when it’s finally released, will have something of a blank canvas to work with. That’s because somewhat surprisingly, the success of the original never really spawned a trend toward “Old West” gaming. Aside from a handful of mobile apps and the so-so Call of Juarez series, the only real examples of cowboy-related games to have followed in the wake of Red Dead Redemption exist on online gaming platforms. Somewhat recently, one platform for bingo and casino games introduced the title, Cash Bonanza, which paints a pretty rich picture of the Old West. Wagons, bandits, lassos, and gun-slinging cowboys are all present within the game, providing a degree of action that’s not always typical of slot reels or bingo rooms online. And yet, this may actually be the most action-packed mainstream western game to have followed Red Dead Redemption. In other words, the ante has not been upped. RDR 2 needs only follow in its own predecessor’s footsteps, rather than live up to a more developed genre.

More specifically, the biggest detail that we might have about RDR 2 is that we may know exactly what its map looks like. This is actually pretty encouraging given that it seems to confirm the very existence of the sequel. A Sony executive has actually suggested that the rumor of the Orlando shooting affecting the RDR 2 reveal is false, and that RDR 2 was never part of the E3 plan. We may never know which side of this story is true, but the fact that a game map leaked back in April we can probably at least say that the game is in a relatively advanced stage of development. One source involved with the game confirmed that the map was legitimate along with the fact that the game is a prequel to Red Dead Redemption. The map focuses on an area to the east of the map from the original game, with some overlap.

Really though, that’s about as far as the details go. RDR 2 won’t need to live up to a crowded genre the way shooters have to keep outperforming their competitors, which indicates that gameplay will probably be somewhat similar to what we saw in the first title. And the fact that the maps are related backs up the idea that the games will likely look and feel somewhat similar. But the specifics? That’s anyone’s guess.

Some have speculated that we might see a late 2016 release (though this now seems doubtful), and one interesting rumor round-up mentioned that we may see a multiplayer mode this time around. Other than that, we don’t know any of the definite features or changes that we’ll be seeing in Red Dead Redemption 2.

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