POWERS Season 2: Episode 8 Review

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On POWERS Season 2 Episode 8, certain players escape death while others stare it in the face!

*Disclaimer: as of this posting, I have not read the graphic novel or comics for which POWERS is based upon. Therefore, my observations and opinions do not include how the show compares to its source material, but as a stand-alone TV program. If you have read the comics and have insight to share, feel free to comment!


Ghost paper

POWERS Season 2, Episode 8: Chasing Ghosts


  • SuperShock is one scary mofo when he’s confused
  • Calista shows her dark side
  • An undead hacker with an agenda
  • I want you to LIVE, DAMN YOU!!

This is a really, really, good episode, you guys! It’s the kind that makes you yell, “NOOOOOOOOO” when the credits roll and next week can’t come fast enough.

When Walker has another blinding headache in the presence of SuperShock, he wakes up in Patrick’s “cabin of solitude.” The powerful super hero makes Walker a remedy he learned from a shaman, which will “help the mind focus.” Patrick admits that he’s no stranger to mental problems and admits a great many other things while Walker is at his mercy…since the remedy conveniently paralyzed his legs. One thing we learn is that Patrick is over 300 years old. His family was slaughtered by soldiers but he didn’t die. This was probably when he learned he had powers, and not during the war of 1918 after all. Patrick and Janice fought Morrison, aka The Ghost, but could never find a body so they lied to the press about his death. The Ghost plays the long game, Patrick confides, and that he was drawn out by Janice’s death.

These scenes, where Walker is trapped in the Andes Mountains are tense and well-written. It’s a frightening scenario to be held against your will by someone who can kill you with ease, especially since Patrick seems confused in his old age. There’s some nice character development here, about why Patrick doesn’t want to get involved with regular human quarrels, and says, “maybe Morrison is right” about a fresh start for mankind. (A hint at a much bigger plan in motion.)

powers season 2

Calista’s father robs a bank in an attempt to manipulate her into helping…I guess? She plays along but blows his ass up in the stratosphere. Damn.

As I suspected from Max Fowler’s prominent spot in the opening credits, we haven’t seen the last of Krispin, and he wakes up in the morgue. (Wouldn’t he have been buried by now?) Oh, the irony, for he is a Power who cannot die, although the vengeful spirit of Marigold keeps insisting that he try for some reason. Undead Marigold, played by Shelby Steel was a nice touch; her make-up was well-executed and highly-detailed from her mangled body (minus an arm) to the rebar protruding from her animated corpse. This piece is a redemption struggle for Krispin, who is horrified and frightened, but determined to take a better path this time around. Needless to say, Commander Cross is a bit shocked to see him walk into Powers Division to register.

As for Pilgrim and Kutter, she wants to keep things casual and on the down-low, but Kutter doesn’t. She finds herself getting a little jealous when he notices the prominent bosoms of an expert on The Ghost, and is even more surprised when Kutter decides to “back off” from their so-called relationship. Unfortunately for Kutter, he walks right into the hands of The Ghost, who stabs him. Pilgrim calls for help, but his fate is unknown as the scene ends. (Again, “NOOOOOOOOOOO”) Did she find love too late?


Patrick would have been about 200 years old during the battle of 1918, as seen during the flashbacks of Episode 7. So, why did he storm the nazis like that knowing that he wouldn’t die? And if he did know he was going to kill everyone, why did he call Morrison a murdering bastard? Patrick also insists that he found Walker’s old jacket, but it doesn’t belong to him. What is going on in that guy’s head?

When Patrick is off doing…whatever he does, Walker snoops around and finds a shrine to Janice. He also finds a bloodied envelope that probably came from the Senator’s office. We don’t get a long look at the letter, but it’s written by Janice in the event of her death. Is it a confession?

Can Calista be Retro Girl with the dark stain of murder on her soul? I wonder if she will confess or hide the fact that she killed her father.

For the first time in the series, Krispin seems like an innocent kid. Maybe letting go of his hatred has set him free.

I really hope Kutter lives and Pilgrim realizes that she has feelings for him, too. We’ll just have to wait until next Tuesday to find out!!

POWERS Season 2 is available now on the PlayStation Network in the US and Canada. All episodes are free for PS Plus Members.

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