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Alas, for I only have five stars to give. Faces from the past, the plot thickens in a “powerful” way, the world is pretty much doomed and we explore the history of Walker’s facial scruff in this exciting episode of POWERS!

*Disclaimer: as of this posting, I have not read the graphic novel or comics for which POWERS is based upon. Therefore, my observations and opinions do not include how the show compares to its source material, but as a stand-alone TV program. If you have read the comics and have insight to share, feel free to comment!


Powers- Season 2- Episode 208

POWERS Season 2, Episode 9: Slain Dragons


  • Bewbs, if you’re into that
  • Walker just keeps getting scruffier over time
  • Calista learns fear for the first time as a Power
  • Hooooooo sheeeeiiit, Pilgrim!

Where were you in 1998? I was working at a mall, man, you don’t see many of those these days. Walker, on the other hand, was the all-powerful, all-famous Diamond and in this particular moment, surrounded by some boobies. (You’re welcome, nerds.) He’s having a great time with these groupies or hookers or whatever when Patrick, aka SuperShock just shows up. He ignores Diamond’s blue balls to announce that, as a favor to Janice, Patrick will show him “a thing or two about a thing or two.” Diamond’s response? He scoffs. “I’m THE Power!”

This scene is interesting because it shows how Diamond used his powers for personal gain. Walker admitted this in previous episodes, but the 1998 Walker had no problem using his abilities for fame, fortune and a bit of T ‘n A. Supershock is concerned about Walker being reckless. Whether Diamond took up Patrick’s offer, we don’t know. The next scene is Diamond dying in an ambulance from his battle with Wolfe. I suddenly felt stupid for not realizing earlier…that scar on his back was literally from Wolfe biting him. Duh. There’s a great moment here where the paramedics have to cut Diamond’s uniform off to treat him, but he resists. Cross urges Diamond to let them. The uniform is a symbol of everything Diamond thought he was. Without his powers and his uniform, what is he? Outstanding writing.

Walker ambulance

Episode 9 offers some back story about the relationship between Diamond and Commander Cross. Apparently, Diamond would give Cross tips that “made him look good” and helped him rise to the top. After Walker lost his powers, Cross approached him for help creating Powers Division. Walker refused, but found the convention circuit to be less than what he wanted for his future and eventually came around to the idea.

Back to present day – Powers are literally falling from the sky and Walker thinks it’s SuperShock. Pilgrim, however, is on a mission to find and kick the ass of Morrison, who stabbed our beloved Kutter. (The bastard!) Turns out that bloodied letter that Walker found in SuperShock’s cabin was a letter warning the reader about…something. We get the idea that it’s about SuperShock losing his mind, but we never actually get to read the letter, itself. Calista warns Zora and Sgt. Martinez about it, but they don’t know what to do.

On a call to one of several dead bodies, some blood squirts up and right into Pilgrim’s mouth! The paramedics explain that a friend of theirs had something similar happen to him, and he had X-Ray vision afterwards. When one of the paramedics gestures not to mention his fate, we get the idea that it didn’t end well for that guy.

Kutter is in stable condition now (yaaaaaaaay) and Pilgrim tracks Morrison to his home, where he sits looking over the city. He confesses that it was worth waiting 50 years to watch SuperShock break down, and to her horror, Pilgrim sees another Power knocked from the sky to their death.

Pilgrim Morrison

Calista finds SuperShock and tries to talk to him, but he’s clearly insane. When he realizes she’s not Janice, he grabs her and threatens her, convinced she is hiding Morrison. He’s just taking out innocent Powers, and no one can stop him. In a wonderfully emotional scene, Calista bursts into Powers Division and locks herself under the drainer! She’s hurt, but more emotionally than physically. Crying, she says that she doesn’t want her powers anymore. Zora and Sgt. Martinez try to calm her down, but it’s Walker who steps in to empathize. When Wolfe tried to kill him, it was painful on so many levels. He looked up to Wolfe, just as Calista looked up to SuperShock. Walker says that he will help their super team, after all. Together with the realization that Krispin is alive (and a Power, no less), Calista gets a renewed sense of purpose. But who can take down the most powerful Power of all time…? They don’t know, but Pilgrim shows up with some bait…Morrison.

Here’s a great idea that sprang up in Episode 9 – Powers could potentially be harmful to non-Powers, much like exposure to radiation. Walker is convinced that he might be getting his powers back, but the headaches could be something much worse. Meanwhile, Krispin is back from the dead and the substitute Coronor is SUPER excited about it. I love her character! When Pilgrim sees Krispin, she promptly SHOOTS HIM DEAD. He comes back again, though, but do we know how many times this will happen? Is it like Contra where he has 99 lives or a cat with only nine? I wouldn’t be too quick to knock that guy off, or he might stay that way!

The episode ends on a crazy note – Kutter tries to call Pilgrim, but she doesn’t answer. She’s sitting on the floor in the bathroom – coughing smoke and blinking with purple, electric eyes!


There are so many original and thought-provoking ideas on this show, I freakin’ love it. How could you stop a Power like SuperShock if he lost his mind? Turns out the letter from Janice was a warning about Patrick, although we don’t know what it says, exactly.

I love how the writers tell us what timeline we’re in based on Walker’s scruff. He gets hairier over time, LOL!

It was a cool touch that Walker pinched Krispin’s face. He wanted to make sure it wasn’t another mask. Yaaay, subtext!

Outstanding performances by all, but especially Susan Heyward (Pilgrim), who had to endure what I hope was BBQ sauce thrown in her face, then gag on it.

What brought Krispin back from the dead? Did he have to die to transform, like Walker falling off a building only to learn he could fly? I worry that it’s not as simple as “he’s a Power now.” and wonder if his exposure to Heavy had something to do with all this.

Dr. Death returns, and he is so awesome. It was fun to see both super-happy and super-grumpy coroners in the same scene!

Morrison didn’t disappear or apparently resist arrest – is this all a trap?

Pilgrim Powers

What will happen to Pilgrim? Will she remain a Power? I don’t think so – remember the first episode and what happens when you exchange fluids with a Power? You can temporarily take on abilities. But what will happen – will it turn into something great, or detrimental to our dear Deena? And how will Walker take it, since he wants his powers back so bad? We’ll just have to wait and find out! Noooooooooooo

POWERS Season 2 is available now on the PlayStation Network in the US and Canada. All episodes are free for PS Plus Members.

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