POWERS Season 2: Episode 10 Review

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POWERS Season 2 ended with with a lot of…shall we say…WTF moments. Let’s review it, shall we?

*Disclaimer: as of this posting, I have not read the graphic novel or comics for which POWERS is based upon. Therefore, my observations and opinions do not include how the show compares to its source material, but as a stand-alone TV program. If you have read the comics and have insight to share, feel free to comment!


Season 2

POWERS Season 2, Episode 10 (Season Finale) – “Legacy”


  • A beard worthy of a Halloween costume store
  • Calista puts some pants on
  • Morrison’s power is…being bored?
  • Pilgrim vs. SuperShock = (gasps and falls out of chair)
  • Diamond is in the Matrix? Does he know Kung Fu?

I have to say that although there were some interesting and shocking moments in the season finale, episode 10 sort of fell short for me. Episode 9 would have made a phenomenal cliff hanger for the season, but instead I walked away feeling more confused than excited.

First of all, there is a flashback scene in which Morrison stumbles into a Siberian shack wearing the most ridiculous fake beard I have ever seen on a serious TV program. You can literally see the line around the edge; it’s pretty embarrassing. Bruises and overall make-up on this show are normally so good, so I have no idea who thought this would pass on screen.

Secondly, Morrison, who started out so intriguing of a character just seems kind of tired and bored. Maybe that’s the point, to mirror Patrick’s slightly more crazed version, but he went from a Hannibal Lecter-type villian to one who doesn’t seem to give a crap. This could be on purpose, to keep the audience guessing. Morrison does take a moment to get Patrick all worked up, but his motivations don’t seem any more meaningful than enjoying an enemy’s fall from grace. I hope they reveal him to be even more chaotic and manipulative than anyone thought! He claims that he lost his powers, but hasn’t aged a day. Is he telling the truth, or are the writers breaking their own rules?

Season 2

We may never find out, because Pilgrim breaks her own paladin-like character to punch Nicole (the reporter) the eff out and use her new powers to poison Morrison. He falls to the ground, apparently dead. In an unrelated twist that literally made me yell and jump, Supershock RIPS HER FREAKING HEART OUT OF HER CHEST! His reaction is priceless – he apologizes shyly like a young boy, then puts the still-beating heart back into her bleeding chest cavity. What. The. Hell. She wakes up later in the hospital. So…healing powers too, then?

Krispin has serious doubts about joining New Unity (Zora, Sgt. Martinez and Calista), and struggles with the hatred he harbored for Powers before rising from the dead. Calista convinces him to stay and help confront SuperShock, but the team is unsure they have a chance against him, because he is SERIOUSLY Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs about now.

The episode isn’t all bad, don’t get me wrong. There are some really great explorations into the history of Patrick’s deterioration and how Janice helped him keep it together. She wrote the letter warning whoever reads it about the possibility that Patrick could completely lose it without her help…and he does.

Patrick is really confused, hallucinating and confusing timelines. Walker puts on his Diamond costume one last time and convinces Patrick that HE is Morrison. The only way to stop him, Walker claims, is to fly them both into the sun. Patrick does, and Walker sacrifices himself for redemption. This is a wonderful scene. Walker expresses regret earlier in the episode about putting on the costume for all the wrong reasons. This was his chance to make things right.

The episode ends with a strange scene, in which Walker is lying in the fetal position in some white, Heaven-like…dimension or something. A couple authoritative voices take interest in him, claiming to have been watching him for ten iterations. They agree to put him through “the level two trials” until they can consult “the Council.” Walker is then heard screaming in agony.


Pretty much the entire season finale, I went from this reaction:

To this one:

“Do what, now?”

The episode leaves us with some topics to discuss as we wait and hope for a Season 3, the most pressing being the idea of reincarnation. I don’t know much about the source material, as I disclosed at the beginning, but I do know that in the comics, Retro Girl is a hero that continually respawns as someone else. Think the Dali Llama. Or Ace Rimmer. This would explain why Calista only got her powers when Janice was murdered.

So now, we ponder:

  • Are Powers really harmful to non-Powers?
  • Is Calista still calling herself Retro Girl and IS she the new Retro Girl in body and soul?
  • Will Walker be reincarnated like Gandolf the White?
  • Are Pilgrim’s powers permanent and worse yet, fatal to herself?
  • Did Pilgrim kill Morrison?
  • Nicole, sporting a black eye, expresses her newly-found anti-powers sentiment on TV. Will they pass the late-Senator’s anti-Powers legislation after all?

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POWERS Season 2 is available now on the PlayStation Network in the US and Canada. All episodes are free for PS Plus Members.

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