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Disney Emoji Blitz is a fun little time-waster and brings back great memories of visiting the parks. If you’re in the market for some no-pressure, match-3 fun on your mobile device and some (sort of) free Disney-themed emojis, this game is for you.

Visuals – 5/5

This brightly-colored gem is filled with a plethora of Disney and Disney-owned characters and themes, from Mickey Mouse to The Muppets, Pixar films and even items like food and souvenirs. (No Star Wars as of this posting, however.) The real stars of this title, are of course, the emojis, themselves, which can be unlocked to use on your device keyboard for texting, email, etc. The user interface is easy to navigate, the animated emojis are fun to watch, and the art style is consistent with that iconic, Disney look. The emoji are so fun that fans will actually want to play in order to unlock their favorite characters!


Sound – 3.5/5

The music in Disney Emoji Blitz is just as bright and cheery as the visuals. Both the score and SFX remind me of the music you would hear from a slot machine or the soundtrack from a classic Nintendo game. I must say that I expected something a little more elegant from the industry giant (even Candy Crush: Soda Saga was recorded at Abbey Road Studios); but the cheery, Casio-like loops get the job done. Personally, I turn the sound off most of the time, unless I’m in the mood to immerse myself in the gameplay.

Gameplay – 3.5/5

How much you enjoy this game is really up to the play style of the user. Emoji Blitz was clearly designed to appeal to a very wide audience, from the hyperactive 4-year-old to a busy adult killing time on the bus (or let’s face it, in the bathroom). Unlike similar titles like Candy Crush, there is only one level and a leader board that you can connect to your Facebook account. The objective is to gain the highest score each week, and this can be obtained with the help of optional boosters. Once you unlock an emoji, that image is supposedly added to your new keyboard, but as of this posting, I’m missing two characters. I, do however, have all the little collectibles like snack foods and musical instruments at my disposal. The one emoji I really wanted was Ariel, and she’s no where to be found.

Finding said keyboard on my Samsung Galaxy S4 phone wasn’t easy, either. Unlike the online instructions, there is no “globe” for me to select, so I have to manually switch back and forth in settings.

Disney emoji blitz

The ONE emoji set I wanted! Grr!

The good news about the gameplay in Disney Emoji Blitz is that you cannot lose a level. You may get a low score, but you can’t lose. Also, you earn gold coins with each game, which you can use for boosters and more emoji! The bad news is, you lose a life every time you play, which cuts an otherwise enjoyable gameplay session rather short. Since there are no new levels to play, you are given challenges and free items each day. This could range from currency to free boosters to help you on your pursuit to collect all those adorable little faces! As of this posting, there are 400 emoji, eight expressions per character and over 200 Disney emoji items like Mickey’s shoe, a princess gown, etc.

Value – 1/5

Sure, the game is free and you can unlock some seriously awesome emojis, but free gameplay sessions are over in about five minutes. (Five lives at 60 seconds each) If you want to play more, you’d better be prepared to dip into that wallet!

In-game currency ranges from $1.99 to $99.99. Not only this, but they come in strange increments, jumping from 6,000 to 40,000 coins in the store and nothing in between. Your next options are 87, 000 and 195,000. The only way to get emojis is to manually unlock them through gameplay or buy them in silver or gold boxes. Because of the strange increment issue, that Minnie Mouse will run you a cool $10. As I mentioned before, the very first emoji I unlocked was Ariel, and she’s not on my keyboard as promised. Since the game is only a couple days old, it could be that bugs are being sorted out and a future patch may summon a certain mermaid princess to my fingertips!

Replay Value – 3.5/5

Again, how much you come back to play Disney Emoji Blitz depends on 1) your burning desire to own these emojis without buying them, 2) your competitive drive to rule the leaderboards or 3) you have a ton of time to kill and love you some Disney. The game’s only been out for a couple days and I’ve been playing it a lot, myself. For me, I come back for the mindless fun and the challenge of collecting items.

Overall – 3/5

While Disney Emoji Blitz can be a money pit, it’s also an immersive and fun way to spend a few minutes at a time. For those, like me, who are extremely busy, any amount of game time is much appreciated between phone calls and deadlines. My mom really loves Disney and I have awesome memories of Disney World when I was 10, not to mention drawing and singing just about every Disney character and song for the next decade afterward! Being able to share messages with Mom through this app is a great motivation to keep playing, and I hope it brings a lot of fans joy as new characters are no doubt added later!

Disney Emoji Blitz is available now for free download on iOS and Android devices.

Have you tried Disney Emoji Blitz? Tell us which characters YOU must have and what you think of the game so far!

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