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My computer and I have an understanding—as long as I devote all my time staring into its digital face, scribbling with a stylus and clacking its keys like a crazed secretary, I get to eat and pay rent. (Seems legit) After 12 or so hours of writing, gaming and art, however, my eyes can really take a beating. That being said, I NEVER work without my GUNNAR glasses. GUNNAR Optiks, fine defenders of eyeballs everywhere, was good enough to send me a new pair to try—the MLG Phantom gaming glasses–in exchange for my honest review. This is not a paid endorsement.

I’ve had the MLG Phantom gaming glasses for a few weeks now and subjected them to my insane work “schedule,” meaning if I’m awake, I’m working or gaming. Let’s see how they fair, shall we?

MLG Phantom in Gloss Onyx, paired with Alchemy Gold Siberia v2 headphones

MLG Phantom in Gloss Onyx, paired with Siberia v2 headphones in Alchemy Gold

Design – 5/5

Hey, a lady’s gotta look good, right? At a minimum, a pair of glasses shouldn’t make you feel self-conscious for the sake of comfort. In this case, the MLG Phantom gaming glasses are sleek, simple and stylish. I love the amber lenses and shape of the frame—in fact, I think these are my favorite GUNNARS so far. (This is my third pair.) In addition to amber, you can order the MLG Phantom in prescription sunglasses.

Each temple has a little MLG logo and “Major League Gaming” is printed down the side of each stem, but they look really professional and discreet. Sometimes you see branded items and the logo just seems slapped on or hastily sculpted, but I am particularly impressed with the care that was taken with the red color of the MLG logo and cleanliness of the branding. You’ll never have to replace any screws, either, since the MLG Phantom features a fastener-free hinge design.

MLG Phantom gaming glasses

Above: The MLG Phantom gaming glasses in Gloss Onyx. Also available in Snow Onyx (white), Heat Carbon (red) and Freeze (blue).

Comfort – 5/5

I think my favorite part about these glasses is how slim the temples are. Each ear stem is flat, which rest gently against the side of your head. Wearing them with headphones is surprisingly comfortable, even after a few hours of use. The frames are light but sturdy, and just flexible enough to be comfortable without fear of them snapping in half. After 12+ hour days in front of the computer, I still don’t have a mark on the bridge of my nose, if that tells you anything! You can also remove the temple sleeves, which make the glasses even lighter—although I find them less comfortable without. Blizzard fans can even swap out the sleeves with their favorite Heroes of the Storm Character.

Function – 5/5

Okay, we’ve established that these look great and feel just as good, but if they don’t protect your eyes, there’s no point to any of it. I’m happy to say that as with each pair of GUNNAR I’ve owned, the MLG Phantom gaming glasses work fantastic. I can’t even look at a computer screen for a minute without starting to strain, so I really feel the difference! Before I started wearing GUNNAR gaming glasses, I suffered from strain, dry eyes, headaches and even ocular migraines. They are LITERALLY recommended by my optometrist.

How they work: the frames are tightly wrapped around the eyes and limit air flow; allowing your eyes to retain moisture. The amber lenses add contrast, which helps your eyes focus. They also filter out artificial blue light, which reduces strain. You can read all about the technology behind GUNNAR Optiks HERE.

PRO TIP: I don’t know if it’s the material of the lenses, but you WILL be cleaning these a lot. I’ve found this to be true on every pair of GUNNARS I’ve owned. Make sure you use a microfiber cloth and DON’T use alcohol-based cleaners, or it will remove the anti-glare coating! Keep them in a safe place (looking at YOU cat owners!) and preferably in a hard case or the microfiber bag these particular frames come in.

MLG Phantom sunglasses

Value – 5/5

The MLG Phantom gaming glasses retail for $79.99 on the GUNNAR Optiks website. You can easily lose that much money and more with missed work, doctor’s visits and pain relievers, I can tell you from experience! GUNNAR offers free shipping on any order of $50, and they have frequent sales, so I recommend signing up for their newsletter if you want to snag them at a discount. Even though I received these particular glasses for free, I know from experience that their customer service is fantastic and they guarantee their work. Each pair comes with a one-year warranty, but so far I have never had to use it. (Once I lost a screw long after the warranty and they sent extras with no questions asked and at no charge.)

Overall – 5/5

I really like these! I’m thinking of buying a pair of MLG Phantom in sunglasses now because I think they look bad ass. The amber lenses are also great for driving at night, by the way. For artists, you can also get the clear crystalline lenses (not in this design, though) but to be honest I don’t see enough of a difference to switch. Whenever I have to use a specific color and can’t eyeball it, I use the color codes anyway. The Phantom frames are smaller and lighter than the Intercept and although they’re lighter than my Jem glasses, the Phantoms don’t leave a mark on my nose. These are a must-have for live streaming, computer work or even playing on your phone.

You can grab your own pair of MLG Phantom gaming glasses with free shipping at Do you wear GUNNAR glasses and if so, which style? Share your thoughts and tips below!
HB Duran

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