Mini Metro Review (PC / Mobile)

Posted on by Erik Skinner
  • Graphics
  • Music and Sound
  • Gameplay and Controls
  • Replay Value

Mini Metro is a minimalist subway layout game published by Dinosaur Polo Club. It’s available for PC, iOS and Android. Click here to watch my video review.

Graphics 5/5

The minimalist aesthetic of the colored lines of subway maps holds up on screens large and small. Everything you need to know to succeed (or at least try) is represented clearly by solid and dashed lines, rectangle locomotives, and the variety of shapes for train stations. This simplicity is necessary as you last longer in the game as more and more stations sprawl across the city.
Mini Metro Advanced Map

Music and Sound 4/5

The soundtrack of Mini Metro is created by the levels themselves. Different instruments enter and their intensity change as the map evolves, lines are laid, and trains are placed. Because of this, there are no real melodies to remember and the sound is not necessary for successful gameplay.

Gameplay and Controls 4.5/5

All the game mechanics are presented well at the start of the game and as you encounter new elements. It may be tricky to precisely tap and drag specific lines and cars on small mobile screens. This is helped by the ability to zoom in and out which you can not do on the PC version.
Mini Metro Level Select

Replay Value 5/5

As of this writing the game has 13 cities and three game modes (there are currently only 2 game modes on mobile, leaving out Endless). Players must meet certain goals to unlock every level in every mode with stipulations such as “deliver 1000 passengers while only using one tunnel.” The extreme mode makes all of the tracks and trains permanent which makes the game even more challenging since there is no way to know when or where new stations will pop up. That unpredictability also means that every play is different. There is also a daily challenge with leaderboards, on mobile you can try as many times as you can, but on PC you only have one shot!

Mini Metro Overall Score 4.5/5

If you’re looking for a strategy game you can pick up for any amount of time during the day you can’t go wrong with Mini Metro. It’s available for $9.99 on PC and $4.99 on mobile!

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