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Founder, EIC

HB_bus_smallWhen Raccoon City Police found young HB that day, no one could have imagined that this scrappy little girl in a Tanuki suit would some day destroy the entire city. She grew up to love EZ Cheese and shotguns and was loved by all. After a waffle breakfast gone terribly wrong, zombies infested the land and the locals gave her another name…Angel Thanatos.

But who is she, really? Some say she is the forbidden love child of Batman and Wonder Woman, but one thing is for sure – the power to move cheese with one’s mind is none to be reckoned with. Fitting in no where, HB wandered from town to town; finally living in Silent Hill until a heated argument with Pyramid Head over a poker game sent her storming out. Years past. Hiding from the cops in Liberty City and yearning for adventure, she took a temp job on the USG Ishimura but for reasons her lawyer, Saul Goodman says she cannot discuss, she is living comfortably off of the restitution. Finally, a miracle happened.

One day, the good folks at found HB scaring employees at the local Game Stop and rather than send her back to live with the evil Ewoks, they gave her a job, where she ruled benevolently for the next 6 years. HB Duran is now the Editor-in-Chief of, still scares people and rants about Pyramid Head being a no-good cheater.


Fueled by coffee and probably reading or playing video games at any given moment or trying to become a less amateur photographer. Got hooked on Madden and NBA Live on PC, which morphed into Xbox consoles and FIFA.

Community Mgr

A gamer since birth, Stacy Place also thrives on coffee, horror, and reading. Her wide array of interests helped bring about her username, OneDizzyPenguin (Dizzy). She was born in and currently lives in Rhode Island, but attended college in Florida and spent a few interesting years in Los Angeles, where she become involved with GirlGamer and the video game industry.

Her favorite videos game include – Bioshock, The Sims, RollerCoaster Tycoon 2, Civilization V, Saints Row, Fable, Star Stable

You can find her on:

PC Girl Editor

jackie879Jackie’s life changed forever when she got her first video game console, an Atari 2600. She has been gaming nonstop for three decades on both consoles and computers, and it inspired her to pursue a career in the IT field. When she’s not gaming, Jackie can usually be found shredding the trails on her mountain bike.

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Blizzard Editor

Katie is a longtime PC gamer who dabbles in consoles with PS3 games and her main source of exercise during the winter months is being a Wii fit addict. Her favorite pastimes are playing RPG games. especially  those with a triptych tank/damage/healer in large group formats since she thrives on healing. Katie also enjoys puzzle games and games with a great story-line or a kitschy twist will hold her attention for hours.


Lifelong gamer, bookworm, and all-around goof, Brittin owes his gaming cred to his two older brothers. His recent graduation from university has given him the freedom to pursue his dreams of writing.


Erik is a freelance video producer, illustrator and writer and spends his free time playing games and watching tv and movies. Recent favorites include Love by Fred Wood, Shovel Knight, Stealth Inc. 2 and Minecraft. Check out Erik’s YouTube channel jkire games and catch his live streams on twitch.


Sarah K. likes horror and adventure games for multiple platforms, robots, cooking, 80’s hip hop, knitting, and GWAR.  Not entirely in that order.


Chelsea is a gamer, fangirl, writer and activist. She is just as comfortable defending her OTPs as she is protesting for worthy causes. She has an encyclopedic knowledge about anything pop culture. You can find her playing games online under the username Chilliepop.

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